8 Financial Specialties

  1. Full View
    Drawing up Larry Klein’s 37 years of CFO/COO responsibilities in three major apparel firms, he’s seen in all from budgeting to bankruptcy. This full view of any financial statement and/or situation enables him to quickly analyze and lead clients to improved results and stable profitability. To use the phrase – he’s seen it all – sums up his experience! Need a fractional CFO? If so, call Larry.
  2. Banking Relationships
    Not only is a solid banking relationship important to a firm’s ongoing operations, but when difficulties arise it becomes critical to survival. Larry Klein knows how to work with banks and their demands. As an example, when City Bank unilaterally decided to exit serving firms of less than $100 million in revenue, it took only two weeks for Larry to switch to Chase Bank, and establish an even larger credit line than with City of $20 million. Put Larry’s banking knowledge to work for your firm!
  3. Raising Capital
    Whether it’s for expansion, shoring up cash flow or an acquisition Larry Klein knows how to raise capital. Among his many funding successes is obtaining $60 million from Chase Bank to fund a leveraged buyout. Now that’s Capital with a capital C – pun intended. Put Larry on your “capital case”!
  4. Personnel Evaluations
    From the finance to operations, Larry can spot talent and conversely the lack of same typically in less than a month. One important and sometimes difficult management skill is to hire quality and fire fast. In three apparel companies this ability to evaluate personnel has been developed. Poor performers can’t hide from Larry’s shape eye.
  5. Operational Option Development
    One of the most common operational questions is in-house vs. outsourced. The optimization of such functions as distribution and IT can be difficult to sort out. This is particularly true when internal forces and executives want to keep operations in house. In Larry’s extensive experience he has evaluated these situation many times, and selected the best option. Not always was it to outsource, but frequently relying upon other firms for supply is wise. Every situation is different and Larry has seen them all.
  6. Real Estate Evaluation
    One of the largest line items for any company is for facilities either owned or leased. The impact of location plays heavily on this choice for both short and long term real estate decisions. Larry experience includes many evaluations of this important decision, and in one significant situation a $1.5 million savings was achieved by buying a warehouse vs. leasing. Have you recently performed this type of evaluation? If not, call Larry.
  7. Lease Deals
    If the right decision is to lease facilities, then obtaining the best deal is number 1 on your negotiating list. Experience in dealing with landlords and their unique needs will guarantee you obtaining the best lease deal for both short and long term. This is even timelier in today’s stressed real estate environment. Put this knowledge and experience to work for your firm by engaging Larry Klein to join you at the negotiating table.
  8. Chapter 11
    No one want to experience Chapter 11, and in fact Klarity’s other consulting services will go a long way to preventing this event. But, if it becomes necessary, then the experience of successfully going through reorganization saves substantial money, jobs and the company. Larry has had this experience, and even saved the firm from predatory lenders demanding liquidation of valuable inventory. Hear the full story when you talk to Larry.